Machine Knives and Saws for the Wood Industry

At TTT we know the wood - and we have a deep understanding of the tool needed to cut it whether you are cutting softwood, frozen wood or tropical hardwood.

Our know-how on wood cutting is truly global

Since 1961 TTT has been manufacturing cutting tools for the wood industry. Over the years TTT has acquired a valuable amount of practical experience doing business on a global basis and meeting extremely demanding operations and local specifications. Solid experience of machinery and wood species in various environments combined with continuous research and development work have helped us to build up a significant portfolio which serves as the foundation for our know-how. The result is a customized cutting tool that works and produces excellent results, regardless of the conditions.

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective

Nothing is more important to us than that our products and services meet customer expectations. TTT goes beyond the ordinary measures to ensure customer satisfaction. This means customized, cost-efficient products that are tailored to our clients' operations.

Customized cutting tools produce optimal end result

The quality of a cutting tool is measured in terms of the quality of the end product and the total cost to produce it. TTT maximizes tool performance by customizing cutting tools for specific applications. As a global specialist we know what kinds of constructions and raw materials produce the optimal end result for each and every application. This know-how has a direct bearing on the productivity of any wood cutting operation.

Maximize your productivity with TTT's customized cutting tools

TTT has developed a unique Total Cutting Solution Program which covers all your cutting operations, and in short, boots your profitability. TTT's Cutting Tool Maintenance & Training Programs are tailored to customer needs as well and help you to minimize knife-related downtime. Our quality is assured through the ISO 9001 Quality System.

                   It's not just a tool - It's a Total Cutting Solution

Wood Industry

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