Machine Knives and Saws for the Sawmill Industry


We manufacture superior quality machine knives and saws for all cross cutting and ripping applications. Our tools are used for cutting anything from frozen wood to tropical hardwoods and dry or green softwoods.

A fist-class cutting tool is the key to high quality sawn goods, dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface. Finding of the optimal solutions for highly dissimilar requirements calls for in-depth experience and expertise. Manufacturing must represent a combination of the perfect choice of raw materials, correct heat treatment and precise design. Only this enables impact-resistant, hard and durable cutting tools, and the production machinery to be used economically.

Over the years TTT has worked in close cooperation with leading OEMs and end users around the world and accumulated a broad range of know-how and experience of machinery and wood species in various environments. Expertise covering different process conditions in areas ranging from the Nordic countries to the tropics enables us to tailor-make cutting tools according to all customer specifications and for all specific applications.

Our manufacturing processes and after sales service are designed to yield optimal results for the end user and thus generate better productivity for all wood cutting operations. 

TTT Machine Knives and Saws are produced to fit customer specifications for all makes and models of Sawmill Industry.

• Carbide Tipped (TCT) and Stellite Tipped (ST) Saw Blades 
  Diameter 200-1300 mm

• Solid Tooth Ripping Saw Blades 
  Diameter 500-1300 mm

• Set and Filed Saw Blades
  Diameter 500-2500 mm

• Cross Cutting Saw Blades/ Slasher Saw Blades
  Diameter 1250-2500 mm

• Carbide Tipped Cross Cutting Saw Blades with standard inserted tooth
  Diameter 1500-2500 mm

• Carbide Tipped Cross Cutting Springtooth Saw Patented TTT construction: 
  a C-shaped shank fitted with a high-quality edge on the TC Tip
  Diameter 1000-2500 mm

• Canter-Edger Knives and Saw Blades

• Flaker Segments and Rings

• Chipper Knives, Counter Knives and Anvils

• Reducer Knives/Lily Pad Knives

• Planer Knives

• Hard-Coated Machine Components

• Service for Circular Saws (retipping, straightening, tensioning)


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Business Unit Leader 
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