Machine Knives and Components for the Plywood and Veneer Industry

TTT provides a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line machine knives and knife-related components for the plywood and veneer industry. Our product line covers tools for every production phase from log cutting to peeling and slicing.

A high-performance cutting tool is the key component when slicing or peeling wood, as the quality and performance of the tool have a decisive impact on the quality and usability of the finished product as well as on the cost-efficiency and profitability of production. The composition and properties of wood vary a great deal, which is why cutting it requires a custom solution. The knife must produce veneers to uniform thickness with blemish-free surfaces. TTT's modern and flexible facilities are designed to produce high-quality knives with special dimensions according to customer requirements. Specially selected tool steel and computer controlled heat treatment along with CNC machining guarantees tough wear resistance and dimensional precision of tools and thus superior cutting performance and quality of end products.

The world-class durability and productivity of our knives is based on decades of experience and cooperation with customers as well as global collaboration in tool development with many leading OEMs.

TTT's factory, manufacturing processes and after sales service have all been designed to provide optimal tools for the end user. Our TTT steel is especially developed for veneer knives. We are also experts at reconditioning of veneer knives.

Plywood and Veneer Industry

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